Tea Cup Pin Cushion

I bought the cutest set of little cups and saucers at a thrift shop for having tea parties with the kid in a couple years (when they are less likely to break them).  Unfortunately while I was letting my oldest look at them a bit before I packed them away he did in fact manage to break a saucer.  Well you can't have a cup with out a saucer at a proper tea party! The cup was just too cute though, I knew I could do something with it. 
Quick, easy, and uses scraps.  My kind of project! 

What you need-
Cup of choice
Scrap of fabric
Something round to trace that's about 3 times the diameter of your cup
Hot glue

Cut your self a template from paper tracing your round object.
Sew a running stitch around your fabric circle and begin to gather.
Fill your fabric and cup with fiberfill.
Put a big glob of hot glue on the bottom of your fabric ball and stuff into the cup.
Tuck it down into your cup until you have the shape you want.  Pull the fabric away from the cup around the edges and hot glue around the top.
Your done!


  1. i never would have thought of that. I love it!

  2. love my tea cup pin cushions, especially because they have handles!

  3. super cute! would have probably helped me avoid stepping on a pin this morning! must make one of these asap!

  4. Simply adorable!! I'm so going to have to make one of these - and make some for gifts! :) Have a great day!!
    Terrell - Frou Frou Decor

  5. Super cute and soo sweet!

  6. your so awesome! cute idea :)

  7. So cute and quick and easy - the perfect combination!

  8. Super cute idea! I am going to tuck this one away for future gifts:).