The perfect party invitation!

You can tell I'm getting into birthday party mode.  I'm still working on wedding dress projects, I guess I should have picked a different month to focus on that as there is just to many other things going on right now.  Check out the amazing invitations Blue Daisy Design came up with!
I told her I wanted the invite to look like a ticket and HELLO! She did an amazing job.  Not only did she make a baseball one for my needs, she made football and basketball to round out the set! If your interested in hearing more about Blue Daisy Design and her digital products, as well as get the chance to win something from her shop, click here.


  1. Wow, they are amazing!

  2. Your kids must adore you for all you do for them! You're so darn talented!!!

  3. Those are so perfect! I tried my hand at making a Denver Bronco looking one last year - it's certainly not as easy as it looks!

  4. Those are some pretty awesome invitations!!! I also love the shirts!!! Great job!!!

    I love your blog. I can't stop reading. I am definitely a follower. You are so super creative!!!


  5. Um that is fantastic! I love them.

  6. These are amazing. What a great idea !!