Need a buddy?

I think most of us find that we get more things done when someone is holding us accountable.  It's nice to have a buddy who encourages us, or maybe even has the same goals for themselves, but that's not always an option.  I find that I'm usually more dedicated to the goal than my buddy, so when they give up it takes some wind out of my sails and I putter out too. 

I was recently introduced to a new site called Mindbloom.  It's free and has become my perfect buddy! Of course it takes a little more self accountability because if I kill my tree (you'll know what I'm talking about in a minute) no one knows but me.  But if your ready to get yourself in order, in any aspect of your life, I encourage you to check out what Mindbloom creators are calling a "social game".  ( By the way, if you do have an actually buddy, you two can play Mindbloom together and see each others progress!)  So meet my buddy.

Your buddy comes in tree form! This was my tree on the very first day right after I registered.  See how the leaves are different shades of green? The brighter the leaves, the better your doing in that area of your life.  Here's an introduction of how Mindbloom works.

When you set up your account you are given several areas of life to choose from.  Some of the areas include healthy, creativity, career, and relationships.  You choose three you would like to concentrate on to start with then rate how much attention you currently give these areas (this determines what color your leaf starts out at).

So now you have a little tree that's ready to grow! Each leaf when clicked on shows you the area you have chosen to concentrate on with goals you can set for yourself.  If you complete these tasks you get points and your leaf gets greener! As your points accumulate your tree moves to bigger and better locations (levels). 

There are other ways to accumulate points like inviting a friend to join you with their own tree (you can even see each others trees!), changing the motivational images inside your leaves, journaling,  and just visiting your tree! You need your points in order to set your goals.  When you accomplish a goal you get more points back! When you start to get the hang of things you can add leaves to your three branches.  This means you can add an area of concentration to the area you have decided to pay attention to.  Clear as mud to read I'm sure, but if I'm concentrating on creativity, that's my main branch and my goals have to do with creativity in general.  When I add a leaf to that branch I choose an area of creativity to focus on, I chose "Dream".  They provide all the choices so you have guidance but you are also given the option to add your own custom settings if you choose. 

If this sounds like the motivation you need you will have no problem getting started with the walk through they give when you start.  So I won't give you a full run down on directions here, but I will tell you what I'm finding so fun about playing.

  • You can connect it to your facebook account and choose to share your accomplishments if your one of those competitive facebook game players!
  • You have the support of a buddy while still keeping your goals private.
  • The point system prevents you from biting off more than you can chew.  I'm one to set a really big goal and jump in the deep end only to find myself overwhelmed.  The way this "game" is set up it forces you to take baby steps first.  Trust me, it won't take long for you to add plenty of daily tasks for yourself!
  • Relaxing music plays as your visiting your tree, the music switches up as you gain levels.  I typically play on mute because there is enough noise in my house as it is! But for those of you who like the music it's nice and relaxing.
  • It reminds you to take relaxing breaths! Every time something takes a second or two to load it tells you to "use this time to take a relaxing breath".  Kind of hard not to when it does that! It's a great reminder to slow down from time to time and not be in such a rush.  
  • Kill your tree? Or maybe you just decided you would like to concentrate on a different area of your life.  You can start new trees or prune branches and leaves to fit your goals.  
So I've been playing for about 3 weeks now.  I just added my fourth branch and am currently located in the mountains.

That one little green leaf to the right is a friend who I invited and has not yet set up her tree.  The brown ones are trees waiting for you to come water before they die! LOL.  You can see I've added a few new goals with extra leaves and even added a fourth branch which meant a new topic.  There are features I still have to work to unlock.  If you want to come keep my tree company let me know and I'll send you an invite to join my forest!  Remember, it's FREE! And I could use the company :) 


  1. OH MY! this sounds so great! i'd love to join your forest! send me an invite please!! i'd be happy to keep you company!

  2. oh, my e-mail might help just in case you can't find it: lori@marzipaninc.com

  3. What an amazing concept! I need more accountability but I also don't need one more thing on my to do list. That's why I am not concentrating on my specific ares. Just like now, I am here on the computer instead of doing other things. Maybe it might work and keep me accoutnable though.

  4. Beth,
    That's a really good point. It IS one more thing on my to do list, but luckily they send me reminders to visit my tree and I can go back to the last couple days and put in that I completed the tasks, still a to do, but not as often and it keeps me accountable.

  5. That is really interesting--Thanks for sharing, I may have to check it all out. In real life I can't keep plants alive so in a virtual state hopefully I could keep my tree alive.

  6. What a cute way to keep oneself accountable! The tree is just adorable.

  7. Huh. Interesting concept. I'll have to check it out. Feel free to send me an invite - I'll stop by and give you some water at least! : )