Feather Facinator "I DO" Re-done! Tutorial

I will get into bigger things with the wedding dress soon, but I had to do a couple instant gratification projects first.  So today we have a feather facinator! These things are HARD to photograph so you will have to deal with my poor photos today folks.  I also realized I could have taken a few more pics during the process.  But really it's all about layering.
What you need-
Small scrap of felt
Alligator clip
Clear glue

From wedding dress- half oval from tulle layer and small applique
Sew a running stitch along the curved side of the tulle and gather it up.  Cut an oval of the felt about the same size as your alligator clip.

Stitch your tulle layer on the felt.  Then glob some glue and start layering your feathers.
Don't be afraid to trim your feathers if they aren't the shape you want.  Once you have it all layered up glue on the applique to cover the stems of the feathers (and all the glue) and glue the alligator clip to the back.
They turn out differently every time! Check out etsy for some inspiration, there are some amazing designs out there (and much better photos!). Enjoy!

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