DIY Cupcake Toppers

My extended family decided to do a Christmas in July (except ours will be in August) this year.  We thought it would be fun to do a theme for the kids so naturally we choose Dr. Seuss' Whoville! I've been working on some Seuss stuff for the party and am putting together these cupcake toppers from Design Dream.
I'm a bit addicted to printable PDFs. It's instant gratification to buy something and be able to print it out right away! Makes things a lot easier too when I can just print, punch and glue.  These ones were even personalized, they were supposed to be a birthday theme but since my Seuss party is a holiday party I just had her put Hudson's birthday info and I can use those ones for his baseball party! The colors just happen to work out perfect!

Design Dream is offering a giveaway here!


  1. Printables are fast becoming my favorite too! =)

  2. Fantastic!! I am a sucker for anything 'Dr Seuss'. Those are cute!!

  3. So cute. We're huge Seuss fans (is anyone not?) - I can even recite Oh the Places You'll Go by heart at this point. It's my boy's favorite bedtime story.

    I love printables! So easy, so fun, + instant gratification. What's not to love?!?!

    And back to Seuss - I want to do a "Holiday Feast" based off of Seuss. If you come up with any good ideas during your planning, I'd love to hear them.

  4. Super cute...what a great idea :)

  5. I'm not addicted to PDF but it appears I should be. And how fun is your family :)) Love it

  6. I'm addicted to printables too! Just did my son's 1st birthday in Dr. Seuss. Check it out here: