Remember this tutorial I did on the vintage bingo markers?  Well I came across some vintage checker pieces this time. 
Next time you see an old game at a garage sale and pass it by because your sure it's missing a piece, crack it open and see if there is anything you can make new again!  I had enough to make 6 of these sets so you can find them while they last at the MJ&G etsy shop.  Oh, and I put a few sets of trees I punched out for the Mod Trees by request for those of you who want to make them but don't want to buy the punch.


  1. Great idea...we have TONS of games in the closet that are missing "items"!

  2. I really need to get in the basement & find our old games...such a clever idea!

  3. How cute! I got a bunch of vintage games from my grandma last year that may or may not have all their pieces. No "classic" games though.