I heart books tote- TUTORIAL

During April's Library week my library gave me the cutest bag! The only problem.... it's plastic and although I use it enough to justify it being plastic it's not going to last forever and I'm kinda in love with it.  So I decided to recreate it, in fabric!
Looking at it now, I could have made the heart bigger, but it was so easy I probably make another!

What you need-
muslin fabric
1.5 inch wide black satin ribbon
freezer paper
black fabric paint
scrap of red fabric (I used an old red t-shirt)
scrap of iron on stabilizer 

Tools needed-
sewing machine
exacto knife (or cricut if you have one)
fabric scissors or rotary cutter

Cut list-
Muslin- (2) 15 by 16 inch pannels
Ribbon- (2) 25 inch strips
Red- square slightly larger than the heart you want to make
stabelizer- same size as red square
1. With wrong sides together (if your fabric has wrong sides) sew down the two longer sides and across the bottom of the muslin.  So only one short side (the top) is open.
2. Fold the top into a cuff by folding down a quarter inch then again so the raw edge is now inside the cuff as shown.
3. Now measure in three inches from each top corner and insert your ribbon (right side out if there is only one shiny side)  and pin in place. Repeat on the other side so you have two straps.
Make sure your ribbon isn't twisted.
4. Sew along the hem close too the edge all the way around.
5. Fold the ribbon up over the line you just sewed, pin, and sew all the way around the top close to the edge.
6. Turn your bag right side out.  With your freezer paper cut out the letters (either print and trace then cut with exacto knife or cut on your cricut, which ever method is available to you). Make sure your letter are the correct direction when looking at the dull side of the paper.
7. Iron your freezer paper onto the face of your bag with your iron on a low setting.
8. Cover your letter with your fabric paint using a paint brush to spread the paint smooth.
When it's almost dry peel the paper off being careful not to get paint anywhere you don't want it.
9. Iron the stabilizer onto the back of your red fabric. Pencil a heart where you want it to be and pin the red fabric behind your pencil outline on the inside of the bag.
10. Sew along the outside of the heart then trim the muslin away being careful not to cut through the red fabric.
Now you can be a tree hugging library geek :) Enjoy!
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  1. Just wanted you to know I love reading all your tutorials - thanks for taking the time to post them :) Have many bookmarked ready to try once we're settled from moving (again)! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! - catherine s.

  2. I love the fabric embellishment heart! What a great idea. I'm thinking one that says I heart Libraries would be fun too!

  3. I love this so much. I have a friend who would absolutely love this, too bad I have to wait until school out before I get a chance to make this.

  4. I like the reverse appliqued heart! So pretty!

  5. That's a great idea!

  6. Great idea! A friend of mine just recently asked me to show her how to make book bags for her 5 sons!! Yes 5. These will be used for the boys to take their bibles and notebooks, pencils, crayons back and forth to church. She wants their names on them. My machine doesn't do the best embroidery size so your freezer paper lettering method is PERFECT!! I'm planning on showing her your blog too. She new to sewing and will need all the inspiration she can get. LOL Keep up the great work!

  7. What a great idea! My son loves to go to the library but he has a tough time finding the books when it's time to return them. I'm going to make this and it can hang on his doorknob with the library books in one spot!

  8. Aww, this is so fantastic! I heart books and I heart this tutorial! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  9. This bag is TOO cute!!! Great job!

  10. Really, really cute...

  11. so cute! thanks for sharing ( :
    i'm a capricorn too

  12. I am new to your blog, but looking through your posts, there is so many great ideas, I will definitly try that one :)

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