DIY Gift Wrap- working with what you have

I love wrapping gifts, but it's not all that uncommon for me to be scrounging for the paper at the last minute.  Problem: girl's birthday party gift and 5 rolls of Christmas paper Solution: wrap it inside out!
Some wrapping paper has a grid on the back as a cutting guide, but my penguin paper had a plain white backing.  So I wrapped the package in the backwards paper and dressed it up with a couple strips of scrapbook paper and some handmade bows.

Since the gift recipients were so young I didn't think they would care about a card so I used the plain paper to my advantage and wrote it right on the package!
This traditional gift bow was made with How About Orange's tutorial found here. Instead of a magazine page (which she uses in her tutorial) I used a coordinating scrapbook paper and cut it in to larger strips for a larger bow.  I ended up only using 7 of the 9 strips from the tutorial since mine were wider than hers.  So don't be afraid to experiment and just use her directions for a technique guide (satin ribbon would also be a great material for this!)
The larger bow is made of vintage pattern paper.  I cut a small stack of about 5 inches by 7 inches then folded them like a fan and secured with two staples (it's just like making a pompom but only fluff one side).

Secure to your package with a loop of packing tape.  I also added a small paper coil made by cutting a square of paper into a coil and rolling it up.

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  1. I love this. It's so true how it seems that I don't remember I need something wrapped until the last second. I'll definitely be using this idea.

  2. LOVE this idea! I have that happen all the time (I mean having the wrong season/event paper)

    What a great idea

  3. I also recommend using "funny" pages from the newspaper, can look really cute when you use some fun curling ribbon. I rarely buy wrapping paper, try to use what I have on hand or craft paper.

  4. woah. can I invite you to my next birthday party?

  5. Great idea, I have TONS of Christmas paper left over. The bows are beautiful, I especially like the vintage sewing pattern one. Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Motherhood is tne mother of invention!! 8-) Just last week I used an old desk calendar page to wrap my boss's birthday present. I used the April page to wrap it, and highlighted the date!

    Worked like a charm!

  7. What a great idea! That package is beautiful! I don't usually bother with cards for kids either, and love to write on package or a plain gift bag.

  8. Great Idea about turn the paper inside out!I have done thos epatterns flowers befor and they are just great.

  9. I love the pattern paper flowers! Very cute!