Handmade Doll

I've had making a fabric doll on my to do list for quite a while now and yesterday I finally sat down to do it.  I was surprised how quickly she went together.  Next time I will do a bit more embellishing before I put her together, like maybe a pocket or a skirt, but since Nadia (my daughter) is pretty little it's nice to have a simple doll for her to love.
It would be easy to make your own pattern, but I did use the black apple doll pattern off Martha Stewart's website.  I free handed the pig tails.


  1. You are a fast sewer! She turned out way cute.

  2. It is so cute! It's been on my list for a while now too! I'm thinking of using it as Christmas gift for my daughter. I LOVE the pigtails!!!!!

  3. I will not show him because he will want to go get it, no kidding! Go on and buy it, it is a beauty!!!
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