Easter Sunday Updo

You know Easter is like fashion week at church.  You must be dressed in your best!  Some use this as an excuse for a great hat, I'm more of an updo person.  As a former hairstylist I thought I would share with you how to make your updo Easter fashion worthy. 
You will need-
A curling iron
bobby pins
stand of pearls
paper egg
pearl braclet
black feathers
gold pipe cleaners
silk flower
clip on dangle earing

First, curl the hair into ringlets and comb out with your fingers
Start by wrapping sections of hair around your hand and pinning into place.  Give some height at the crown with some teasing before you pin.  Spray as you go with hairspray. I pulled most of the hair to the back right, kind of like a side ponytail action.

From the left side.  You can leave some down loose like the one by the face if you like.  Now on the right side start with a nest of tulle and build your way out.
If you don't have all of these supplies you can simplify the look.
Now make sure when you sit down for the service you turn to the person behind you and say

April Fools!

In the mood for more April fools fun?  Check out the roundup on Crafterhours where we've all linked up for you to blog hop.


  1. It's 3:15am here and I obviously need to sleep because I was sitting here reading your post thinking... oh my goodness she is nuts! I was seriously trying to figure out how someone would even get all of that to stay in their hair, especially a padlock, for any amount of time. You got me good...

  2. omg! i seriously thought you had lost your mind!!! lol! especially the padlock!

  3. ha ha ha i love it!
    well done. i almost unsubscribed.
    lol just kidding

  4. Phew! I was thinking the entire time that you are one brave girl and I must be WAY behind the style curve!

  5. actually i really LIKE it!! it's a mixed media hairdo ... seriously, april fools apart ... i could use this as a stage costume headgear actually :)

  6. Yeah...you got me! I totally thought you were serious! Maybe I will put a little bird and a nest in my hair, though, that could be fun :) Great April Fools!

  7. I also liked it! It was very 1920's looking. I'd totally put that bird and flower combo in my hair if I had more body!

  8. Fashion week at church? Hilarious. Your "updo"? I was getting more worried as you went on, though the foundation was pretty! I totally bust up laughing when I saw the A.F's! You got me!!

  9. I really loved how it looked before you started putting stuff in it, but I was thinking, how do I say that without being rude. LOL Great job.

  10. Ha ha ha ha!! I love it!! :o)

  11. What a relief! Whew! There can be some really weird "crafts" on blogs at times, so I'm so glad you're kidding!

  12. I thought it was cute! ;D

  13. I was thinking "please let this be an April Fools joke, please let this be an April Fools joke, please let this be an April Fools joke"!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  14. Hilarious! You made me really miss my long hair (it used to be down to my waist). I could totally rock that look (bird nest,padlock and all) with an awesome pair of heels. :)

  15. okay, what does it say about me that my first thought at the top pic was "Hey, that's cool looking"...ummm....well, I have always been a historical fashion buff...very Marie Antoinette-ish...
    (i still think its cool)

  16. LOLOL I was a bit worried at first there thinking "can you imagine sitting behind that in church!?".

  17. Sorry, but I'm am sitting here just giggling over this post. I am new to your blog and was peeking through your history and I saw this...wow! Glad to know it's an April's fool joke and that you normally wouldn't put golden pipe cleaners and rusty padlocks in your hair! :)

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  19. Love it. Thanks for sharing

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