Death of a chocolate bunny

We had pancakes for dinner last night (not something I would usually take the time to share with you!) but I wanted to make chocolate chip pancakes and I didn't have any chips.  Then I realized what I did have.... a chocolate easter bunny! He met his fate.
 Just in case you were wondering what to do with all those bunnies!

But I didn't stop there.  I was feeling experimental. We get those Lucky Charm marshmallows in a bag sometimes.....
Next time I will mix them into the batter so they don't melt.  They did look cool though, which amused the kids.

On a healthier note... It's been two and a half weeks since we planted the salad table.  It's sprouting along quite nicely.  I just thinned it out as directed by the package.  Remember how I told you this is the first thing I have ever attempted to grow?  Well I didn't really believe that each seed would equal a plant and put in WAY to many seeds per hole! Lesson learned.



  1. ha ha! I did the same thing with my garden! I was shocked so many little sprouts were popping up!

  2. Yay! Gardens are like magic. I wonder every year if everything will come up and grow like it should and it usually does. For some reason it surprises me everytime. That lucky charms pancake idea is so fun.

  3. Are those BUNNY EYES???
    I think you are turning into ME!


  4. We're starting a garden too for the first time, we'll see how it goes, but looking at yours it makes me wish i planted strawberries! Hope it goes well!

  5. Loving the idea to chop up a bunny and make pancakes...I'll surprise my boys on Sauturday morning :)