Spring Teaser

Every year in Wisconsin we get a week or so of really nice, spring like weather just to tease us before we get 4 more inches of snow in early April! This week looks like our teaser, it's nearly 60 degrees here all week and we are taking advantage of it. Yesterday my mom and I took the kids to the zoo (which is actually open year round and sometime we go in the dead of winter on a nice day, it's pretty fun with all the snow!) then to the beach across the street to run a bit. Here are some pics I snapped at the beach.
 The boys liked running.  Nadia preferred to sit, or squat rather, in one spot and dig for treasures (rocks).
We ran them ragged and laughed in the face of nap time.  And it wouldn't be an outing if we didn't do a bit of thrifting!  A few things I'm saving to share with you in some future projects, but I found this great vintage John Romain bag!
And these great gold shoes, not something I would normally choose but they were so cute and sunny looking I couldn't resist.
So now I'm all dressed up with no place to go.  I also picked up a copy of Blogging for Bliss that I have had on request at the library for EVER!  I had a coupon for Joanne and unlike Michaels they actually let you use coupons on books!  So what do I wake up to find this morning?  An e-mail from the library saying my book is in, isn't that just how it goes?  Oh well, I canceled the hold so the next person will be happy to get it a bit early.  So today I plan on spending some time with my new book and will be sure to be blog hopping around some newly discovered friends! 

Want to know what else I'm waiting on from the library?
One-yard wonders : look how much you can make with just one yard of fabric! /by Yaker, Rebecca., I'm not convinced this book actually exists yet LOL.  It seems to be very elusive as none of my bookstores or craft stores have it! I am currently number 6 of 80 requests so it won't be long!

Sew sunny homestyle /
by Finnanger, Tone.

Simple sewing for baby : 24 easy projects for newborns to toddlers /by Jansdotter, Lotta.

Carefree clothes for girls : 20 patterns for outdoor frocks, playdate dresses, and more /
by Okawa, Junko.

Sew liberated : 20 stylish projects for the modern sewist /
by McElwee, Meg.
Have you gotten a chance to see any of them yet?     



  1. What beautiful beach pictures! Looks like you all had a great time! :) I've not read any of those books, but the first one sounds very interesting! I'll have to check it out!

  2. I totally understand the Spring teaser in Wisconsin, I am curious to see if Minnesota has the same thing. All of our snow has melted and we have been in the 60's also. I am really hoping that for some reason it just stays this way, fingers and toes crossed!

  3. I just love the edits on the first two pics!!! They are all great shots. I can't wait to take Luke to the beach, it'll be so much fun!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! I order books from the library all the time and it seems like it takes forever to get them in!!

  4. How fun! Enjoy this nice weather!

  5. I got One Yard Wonder for Christmas. It is a fun and colorful book with so many neat projects. I hope that the library gets it in soon! Your pictures are great. What a lovely day!

  6. oooh i totally want to get the one yard wonder book. you'll have to post your projects when you get it.
    gorgeous find in that bag, its such a classic shape.
    have a great day,

  7. I want to live THERE! OMGoodness, it is soooooo beautiful!

  8. i just got one yard wonders from the library this week- it does exist!!!!

  9. I got One Yard Wonders for Christmas, too...actually, I bought it for myself from Amazon. :) I've also seen it at my Barnes & Noble store.

    I see you have How About Orange on your faves list...one of the projects in One Yard Wonders uses some of Jessica's fabric!

  10. You know, I believe I currently have the copy of One Yard Wonders you want since I realize we are most likely in the same city! I waited awhile for it myself. Then my husband accidentally grabbed it when he put something else away that we don't use very often. We found it right away, but I would have gone out of my mind searching.