Please welcome Crafterhours!

Have you met the Crafterhours girls?  Crafterhours (like after hours) is what they call their time after the kids are all in bed and they get to do all the crafty stuff you find on their blog.  I'm over at their place today if you miss me, but I'm sure you will find them very amusing and what a fun project they have for you!  Please welcome Adrianna and Susan.~

Hi there Mary Janes and Galoshes readers!
We're happy to be here. Well, actually we're there. Where you are. For a moment. To share something easy and fun. We like easy and fun. We like not so easy and fun, too, but... we each have two girls under 4. So the easy and fun stuff is far more likely to happen. Our names are Adrianna and Susan, by the way. Sometimes called the "girls at crafterhours". Or A and S. Or "hey you." Whatev. We sew some and do random crafty things and sometimes wander off onto tangents about odd things. But we'll try to keep it focused today, because today we have this little burst of color and fun for you:
Most folks like celebrations, right? Celebrating a birthday is fun, of course, which is what inspired this. But it could just as easily work for celebrating an "A" in math, "3" points scored in a basketball game, "1" year in a new home or "2" days until Spring Break. Changing up some numbers and letters is all that's required. Or a holiday icon. Anything goes.
Fabric scraps
fusible interfacing
freezer paper (optional)
We started by choosing a font that went with the knight party theme and printing it as an outline on freezer paper. You don't have to print your shapes or use freezer paper, but since we were making a whole bunch and wanted them to be the same, it was the quickest way to get it done. We cut them into three strips for our three colors.
We made a fused fabric sandwich. Fusible interfacing the the middle, silver fabric on one side, colored scraps on the other. Then ironed our freezer paper onto one side.
Carefully trimmed 'em out. The freezer paper will peel away if you bend it a lot. So we tried to keep it as flat as possible while trimming. Easier if you cut the pieces into rough chunks before you cut the little parts.
Lots of 'em. Fun. Preeeetty.
We cut little "x" shapes on each piece to fit them over a straw. We left ours as separate that turn and spin, but if you wanted to layer them a specific way you could tack them together with a drop of craft glue. Or you could just do one piece with no layering at all.
Stick 'em all in a fun glass for a party. Or just make one for a special someone who could use a little celebrating.
See? Easy and fun. Endless possibilities. Hey, want to know what Taylor is up to on our page? Head on over to find out! (And hey, Taylor, thanks for having us!)
Susan and Adrianna


  1. Ummm... thank you for introducing us. I have the same problem in blogging that I have in real life... I forget to introduce people. Susan

  2. How Cute are those- Im always trying to think of the most unique-over the top or even memorable gifts to give, or goody bags for parties- Those would Be adorable for a party-..
    Karryann (Gracefully Vintage).

  3. What a cute idea girls...very clever.

  4. Whoa... those are so fun! Thanks tons for posting these, I'll be linking.