Phone Booths, I'm a bit in love with them

With all the advances in cell phones these days I don't know if phone booths are really common anywhere anymore, but I have always been in love with European phone booths.  You know, the cute red ones.  I even had my husband build me a bookcase shaped like one, well it turned out close.  But I still really want a full size one someday, even if I have to make it myself! 

The other day my mom, Galoshes, and I were out junking and I came across this in the toys of all places.
Clearly it needed a good cleaning, and the words "Pretty" and "Punk" were not doing it for me.  So I removed the plexi glass, used some nail polish remover to get the white words off, grabbed some good old red spray paint and TADA!

Funny thing is, I was so excited to find it I barely looked at it and didn't even notice it has a light!  The little telephone signs light up on all four sides.  Too cute!


  1. I love good finds, and that is very cute. Way to think of getting the words off, I probably would have just not bought it :) Enjoy your treasure.

  2. So what Maryjanes didn't tell you is the good idea I had. When you need to leave a note for someone, turn the booth's light on so they know they have one waiting. It doesn't even have to be a phone message. You could draw a heart in red for your toddler, put it in the booth, switch the light on and show them it means a special message awaits. Orrr..if your husband has been really nice and you want to let him know you are...well...how do you say, frisky.....then turn the light on!!! He will catch on!
    OK, so at this point Maryjanes is saying OMG MOM!!!!!! I can't believe you wrote that!! But hey, I am just full of helpful tips!!

  3. oh i love red phone booths! great find!

  4. OOOH! I ♥ British phone booths too!!! (don't they call them "call boxes" or something sophisticated and Britishy like that? Such a great find! And it looks muuuuch better after you cleaned it up.

  5. Oh it's wonderful!


  6. How cute that it's a light! There are some life sized ones still around in Europe (mostly the UK of course), but they too seem to be going to the wayside. How sad. We saw 2 of them when we were in Normandy this past Dec and dh got so excited to see them, he took pictures of both.
    Your mom's comment is hilarious.
    Oh, hey! I FINALLY finished my butterfly/paper bag wreath! I adore it and all my neighbors have told me how cute it is. I'll post it this week on my blog.

  7. Can't wait to see the wreath mom in high heels! Let me know when it's up!!