MJ&G Etsy Launch

Before the blog, there was the etsy shop which was open for just a short bit before we put it on vacation while my mother flew south for the winter.  She's home now and we are ready to officially open.  Here is a peak at some of the things that are currently in shop

There's a lot more coming.  Here's a peek at some items waiting to be listed!
You know that's what your desk looks like! 


  1. i can't wait! you are so creative and i've just loved everything i've seen on your blog!


  2. Yeah, my desk pretty much looks like that except it's not as cute. :)

    Looks like a bunch of cute stuff. I'll have to take a peek.

  3. Adorable!! Can't wait to go check it out!!

  4. My desk defiantly looks like that. Only there is more finished projects that need packing and jewelry I need to put away. and empty glasses.

  5. Looking forward to more creative sparkles on your blog and in your super fun etsy shop! I'm always amazed at the cool ideas you come up with. Pixie dust must have floated down on the two of you to come up with all the wonderful magic~~