Galoshes Day

Some pictures from my most recent trip to the Columbus Antique Mall.  I wanted to give you guys an idea of the size of this place so I took a shot of part of the building.  I know the big sign says museum but that's because of some of the lobby area and one small room they have set up with museum stuff.  Trust me, it's more than 95% shopping.

This ones of my mom's new booth.  She has an etsy shop too if you like her style.
This is one, of I don't even know how many, rooms in this building.
It's starting to look like spring!


  1. Oh, that is a dangerous place! Where exactly is it? You know, in case I feel like doing something dangerous...

  2. Wow, looks like a fun place to get into trouble!!

  3. Wow I would love to spend some time (and money) there!

  4. Looks like much fun! Side note~I posted some teaser pictures for the swap for you on my blog. Let me know when you get it. Thanks!


  5. Oh La La what a fun place to shop....I seen s many things I want in there...have fun..

    I am a fairly new follower and I love your place...

  6. I didn't know you were an Ohio-an! My brother actually lives in Columbus. (I'm in Northeast Ohio). This looks like the perfect day trip for my sister and I to check out. Thanks for sharing it! Love your pictures also.

  7. Oops! Just checked your profile. Guess you're not an Ohio-an. (Apparently, Columbus isn't unique to Ohio.) :)

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