Frosted Doily Mirror

I saw this project over at Paper n Stitch and had to try it!  So I went to Michaels, got myself a round mirror, some paper doilies, and frosted spray paint.  So I had the fantastic idea to make it into a clock!  I cut out the number, took apart a cheap bathroom clock for it's mechanical parts, it was going to be so pretty!
I decided before I use any paint I should have the hubby drill the hole, glad I did.  My poor mirror busted into a thousand pieces despite the glass bit and oil he was using (he's a carpenter so we have things like this).  Bummer.  But I couldn't let the project go, it is just to pretty.  I headed to to dollar store.  They didn't have any round mirrors but they did have an oval one and oval doilies!
I'd love to tell you it was super easy from there, but I think my project was cursed!  I used some spray glue to tack the doily down, which worked great, but the first time I didn't realize I had more than one doily on there and it started to bubble causing me to pull it off to early and the paint looked awful, so I quick grabbed some glass cleaner and wiped it clean.  Then I made sure I only had one doily, spray glue again, paint, dry time, but the spray glue left a bit of residue behind and I was out of goo gone.  A trip to Wal-Mart later I had some goo-gone extreme (which I assumed was the same thing and just some marketing scheme, I was WRONG). Turns out goo gone extreme takes off (among other things) paint!  So now my frosted paint wiped away with the glue reside.  But I wasn't ready to give up.  Repeat all the former steps, some actual, regular goo gone, and Voila!
I still wish the clock would have worked, but it is beautiful just as a mirror.


  1. Thanks for being real with the hiccups! Your mirror turned out beautifully. :)

  2. Turned out very very pretty! I like the lace edge look against the very clean-lined frame. Even though it wasn't how you planned it, your project is still a winner :)!

  3. Oh, what a shame - if anyone could have drilled a hole in it, he could have with the special bit and oil, so it just was NOT meant to be! Glad you got a picture first!!! AND, glad that you finished with a happy ending, I love the oval piece!

  4. It turned out to be very pretty! What a crafting adventure!

  5. Great rebound on the mirror, I might of given up. Way to go!