Your input please.....

*** Thank you so much for all of you who commented and voted, your all so quick!  You had so many thoughts that hadn't even occurred to me that once I heard them I knew what I wanted to do.  I will leave the posts as full unless they are insanely long with a lot of pictures.  THANKS!*** 

I'm making some small changes to the blog (just on the techie end of things) anyway, as someone who currently has limited browsing capabilities (darn you satellite and your fair access policy, I miss my DSL, we will be together again) and a mother who uses dial-up (she lives in the boonies people, nothing we can do about it, well not unless we want to torcher her with satellite as well) I've been thinking about age loading speeds and what not.  I already reduced the number of posts you see per page down to three as with readers and everything now it's not often you need to see a post older than that, unless your new.  The older posts button is always your friend :)

With all the photos we post on blogs it can slow you down, use up your fair access policies, and cause your finger to hurt from trying to scroll faster through that post you have no interest in.  So I'm wondering, do you prefer to see all full posts as you go through a blog or a main pic then an option to read more if your interested in that post?  The polls are open, cast your vote on the top right (above my smiling face).  Thanks!


  1. I'm a visual person. So, I need the pictures. I sometimes don't even read when it is just words. I know, I know... they are probably worth reading but as I scroll through my goole reader, it is the eye catching stuff that wins... Or, the creative use of words (capitalized to catch my attention at the main words...).

  2. I love to see pictures! Also, please, please, please do not turn off the full reading capabilities in google reader. That is where I follow all the blogs and "try" to keep on them. If the reader only gets the first paragraph of the post then the vast majority of the time I do not click over to see the rest, unless it REALLy interests me.

    THat is awesome of you to ask our opinions though :)

  3. Cheri, I do the same thing :) my eyes glaze over quite quickly, which is why my tutorials have so many pics.

    Bobbie, thanks for letting me know about the reader, thats the excellent point. I can't use reader with my current ISP due to my stupid fair access policy, all the updates put me over my limit, BOO!

  4. I prefer full page post too.

  5. Okay long-time lurker first time poster here. I went with the "see more" option on my blog and I heard back from a few people that didn't like it. Meanwhile, no one had complained about the posts before being too long. They just seemed that way to me.
    I do still use the option, ocassionally, when a post is REALLY long and has LOTS of photos, but despite what all the "experts" will tell you, people seem to prefer to scroll down than click through.
    Your posts are always so interesting, that even if I have to wait for photos to load, I will.

  6. You guys are so awesome with all your great points!

    Readily- I had never even thought about doing it both ways (adding read more if the post is really long and leaving the rest of the posts alone) BRILLIANT! I just learned how to do the read more tonight so it didn't even occur to me that it's not an all or nothing.

    I'm closing the poll, it's settled. Thank you all!

  7. okay, i know you closed the poll...and i just wanted to let you know from reading some of the responses, i am now enjoying reading my favorite blog updates in google reader..i have always just scrolled thought eh little blurbs on the dashboard and then clicked on what interested me...now i see a whole new, more enjoyable way of reading up on my favorite blogs!!

    that being said...i definitely ♥ lots of photos..that's what always draws me in!

    glad you are going to keep posting in the manner you have been, and only implementing the "see more" option when you feel you have to.

  8. Sew fun- I'm in love with google reader, but we only got to be friends for one day as I've mentioned my evil ISP! As soon as we move I'm getting my DSL and reader back! Thanks for your input. I still like to hear what everyone has to say, just didn't need a poll anymore. I couldn't belive how quick people started voting! I have some great readers!

  9. Full pages!!!! Please don't change anything!!! I love it the way it is!!! I've gone thru your whole blog and read all the posts! I'd never do that if it were just a heading and a pic!

  10. full page posts! much much better! its less annoying to scroll through things you dont necessarily want to read, than to have to open new tabs to see full posts and then. i read everything in google reader, so i'd rather see the whole post directly there