Today I Wore Galoshes

That's what I say when I have one of those "oh my god, I'm turning into my mother" kind of days.  I wanted to find some junk finds to make a cute play kitchen (I'll share it with you when I find what I need).  So I headed to the near by (largest in Wisconsin) antique mall.  The place is huge, to the point where I used to get lost and still find rooms I never knew existed.  A lot of what they have is not junk, but sometimes you can find a good deal on something that needs a little lovin. 

Interesting fact- The mall is in the town of Columbus, the Wisconsin town were several scenes from the movie Public Enemy was filmed.  We just watched that last night, it was strange to drive through and recognize things today. 

But I'm getting off track.  So, I didn't find what I was looking for, but I thought I would share a few things I did see.  The photos at the top of the post are of a display I put together for my mom's space while she's away on vaca. 

You couldn't help but stop in awe of this space.

They must have bought an entire diner.  I loved the flavor dispensers seen on left here.
I REALLY  wanted this stool for the kids.

So what was the most popular thing I kept seeing today?  Dress forms, petal tractors, and school desks.

I heart vintage advertising.
A bunch of stuff I wanted, REALLY wanted, but was WAY out of my budget (and let's just admit it, way over priced).
That drawer thing really is missing the drawer, but you wouldn't know it by what they wanted for it.  And the Pepsi cooler, that was the moment I realized I was wearing galoshes.  

So what DID I buy?  I spent a whole $9 on this....

It looks like an ordinary school desk in the photo, but it's super sized!  The desk top is set really high so when I sat in it it was the perfect height for me to draw, write, and generally be silly.  I'm sure it will also see many pretend school days with the kids, but this ones for me.

I must admit, I took to many photos to share everything with you in this one post.  Don't worry, I'm sure I will feel the need for a Galoshes moment again soon.


  1. Today I might wear MaryJanes!
    I loved this post. And I had to laugh when you purchased the school desk, as I have one at home...outside by the Ag shop. Though it may not be over sized. I can't wait to see how you "MaryJane it UP!"
    Love, Galoshes
    aka: Mom

  2. Oh, my heavens, you made me truly laugh out loud! I LOVE the desk and so wish I could wander antique stores like this one (although I agree, the prices are often a bit outrageous)...please keep sharing pictures of your trek towards a play kitchen ;-)

  3. Oh my goodness! I love that desk. Seriously $9 that's an amazing deal!

  4. I just found a desk just like that in my Grandmother's old barn! I'm so excited to restore it for my daughter!

  5. Fun reading about your Galoshes moment(s)! Felt like I was wondering through the mall with you. I have gazed upon that same desk several times and always thought how cute it was. Great job with the vignettes in your mom's cool booth. Looked like some daisies thrown in to remind us spring is coming.

  6. You saw dressforms? Oh man... I'd love one. I've looked on Craigs list and never see any for sale. Do you remember how much they were going for? Great find on the desk! Are you going to leave it as is or spray paint it? :)

  7. I think the cheapest dress form was $50, no screaming deals. Not sure what I'm going to do to the desk yet, I'm letting it simmer, I might stain it a really dark cherry or paint it white LOL I'm all over the place.

  8. Oh wow! I had that kind of desk in elementary school!

  9. Wow! What a sweet buy on that school desk. I have only seen those in mini size. Just looking at that desk made me picture myself writing my abc.