Tattoo Hair Clip- Reader Request

One very observant reader noticed this clip on my hair clip holder.
Since she took the time to ask about it, I'm taking the time to teach you how to make it!

What you need-
Red felt
Off white, or white felt (I used off white)
Matching embroidery thread and needle
Black embroidery thread
Snap hair clip
Dab of any glue
Template (found here)
Print out the template so that the heart is large enough to cover your clip.  Cut out the pieces and trace them onto your felt.  From the felt you need 2 hearts, 1 banner, and 2 of each tail.
Bottom photo shows how they will layer as your building the clip. Set your bottom heart aside, you won't need it for a while.  With your banner colored thread sew your tails on by sandwiching the top heart between the two tails with a running stitch, repeat on other side. 

Now sew the banner onto the front.  Remember, we are only using the top heart right now.  

Now grab your black floss.  I chose to go with the classic "MOM".  Always start in the middle and work your way out when free handing words!  I did the outline then filled in for the font style.
You will have a mess in back, don't worry about it, that's what the back heart is for.  Okay, set aside this heart and grab your back (still plain) heart, your clip, and your glue of choice (I used fabric tac).
Cut a tiny slit in the heart, open the clip, and push through slit.  IMPORTANT- You need to think about which side of the head the clip will be worn on and place your clip in that direction.  Mine was made to go on the right side of the head so when I'm holding the clip it opens to the left.  

Dab a little glue under the marked spots of the clip and snap it shut. It's just to keep your clip from shifting around inside.  Now lay your top heart on top of your clip and grab your heart colored (or black if you choose) floss and stitch the front and back hearts together with a running stitch.

When you get to the banner tails make sure you only just tack the back heart onto the back of the tail and don't go all the way through, you don't want to see your thread across the front of this section.

When you finish, tie a knot and dab a bit of glue on it so it doesn't come undone.  Your done! But wait, what about the boys? The reader who requested the clip tutorial mentioned she was going to make her son a coordinating shirt, well as a mom of boy girl twins I thought that was a brilliant idea!  So here's a teaser, I'll show you how I made the shirt tomorrow!

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  1. THanks!! And sooooo cute!!1

  2. LOVE that hairbow!
    I am so going to try my hand at it!!

    Thank you for sharing it!

  3. That is adorable. I can't wait to try it! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very very very very cute! I love it!

  5. That is so cute. If my daughter would just get some hair on her head.. she could actually wear those!

  6. Okay, those crack me UP! I love them!

    Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites! You are always making THE cutest stuff!

  7. I noticed that one too!!! I'm so glad you showed how to make it...thanks!

  8. Hi there. Just stumbled upon your blog today. Very cute stuff. Love the hairclip too! Question- where on earth did you get the sweet dress in the photo??!! If you don't mind sharing that is...Thanks!!

  9. I just posted a comment to you over at Be Different Act Normal. :)

    These are AMAAAAAZING. Love, love, love!

  10. What a great tutorial. I can not wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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  12. This is really cute! Nice job!!!