Petal Clutch Tutorial

So what are you going to do with all those left over valentines decorations once Valentines Day is over?  How about a metallic petal clutch!  I fell in love with Disney's over at Ruffles and Stuff. I didn't have the cool vintage clutch with the clasp like she did so decided that even though she has a tutorial for hers I would share a few of the steps from mine.

Materials needed-
Petals- you can cut apart silk flowers or I picked up a bag of petals from the dollar store
A clutch- mine was again, from the dollar store
Metallic spray paint- I used Krylon "Nickle"
Hot glue gun
Embellishment (optional)

First I pinned my petals onto a sheet of foam board, you can use cardboard or cork, what ever you don't mind getting paint on that pins will stick in. 

Spray petals and clutch.  My clutch (as you can see int he first photo) was red so it doesn't matter what color yours is to start.  If yours has expandable sides like mine it helps to turn it upside down and spread the sides apart.

Once everything dries, hot glue the petals onto the clutch one row at a time.  The Ruffles and Stuff tutorial has step by step photos of this step if you need them.  I decided that 4 rows looked good for my clutch.  The top row I let hang off the top a bit and trimmed the extra once the glue dried.  Once you have all your petals on get the ribbon of your choice (you will need a fairly wide one) and glue it to the top row of your petals with enough hanging over the wrap around to the inside of your clutch like the first two photos here.
Fold the ribbon over to the inside and glue down, making sure you fold your corners nicely folding and tucking in the edges.  Once its glued down go back and cut around your clasp (in my case a button) so that you can still close your clutch.
Repeat on the other side making sure that when you close the purse the ribbon matches on the sides.  You don't want one ribbon to be higher than the other.  If your clutch has a handle on the end like mine just fold your ribbon up around it. 

You could be done here, but I thought it could use a little something.  So I grabbed a feather hair clip I had made a while back with an alligator clip on the back and clipped it on to one of the petals. 


  1. Looks awesome! I love the silver petals, and the feather touch!

  2. what a pretty clutch bag!!!

  3. This is stunning! It is so glamourous! I m featuring it at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. Grab my "featured" button.

  4. That turned out really beautiful. You chose beautiful colors and the trim and feathers just make it. I love it!

  5. That is so stinkin cute! I found your website through your giveaway and did as you suggested and took a moment to look around. Love it!

  6. cute!!! i should have found your blog earlier so that I could have made that for my date night tonight. :)

  7. cool idea! i just came up with a flower tutorial myself last night, but this one involves paper flowers.


  8. This would have to be one of the BEST makeovers I have ever seen!!! My daughter is going to LUV this idea! Great tutorial.

  9. woow...so0o nice

    like the idea


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  11. nice idea...any coloured bridal purse can be made using this tutorial