Nothing a little paint can't fix

I found this great chunky wood candlestick holder at my favorite local thrift shop, sure it was ugly and dated, but that's nothing I can't fix.
A coat of white primer, two thin layers of white spray paint to even it all out, and two thin topcoats of Pratt and Lambert Opalescent Pearl later.....
Pretty!  Now if only I could paint that notty pine wall..... just kidding mom! (I snuck into her house to take the photo, she would kill me if I painted her wall LOL).


  1. MaryJanes,
    Did you paint that white so that I could sell it in my French-romantic,shabby chic, industrial antique booth????!!!!!
    And so if you had painted my natural, no frills Galoshes style wall...what color might you have colorized my laundry wall in??
    I like your candle stick holder...very nice!

  2. you are so right... paint can fix almost anything!

  3. I saw that Opalescent Pearl paint on another blog and thought it was so lovely. I had forgotten all about it. I think I need to go buy some. I'm painting some thrift store finds today. ;)

  4. Very nice. It's always nice to be able to give some new life. I've just started following your blog and I can tell that you'll be a favourite of my house!


  5. I agree...paint can fix and bring life to ANYTHING....which reminds me...I should get to work on some old frames!

  6. Very, very pretty! Perfect attitude I say, "nothing I can't fix"! :)

  7. Lovely! I popped over from Be Different, Act Normal...and I'm a subscriber now! Yea!