Match Game and case

For this project I used a digital collage sheet from magpiemine on etsy (she has the medallions in green too if you want to make this for a boy!).  I just love how the circles give the pieces a more sophisticated look and the case turned out so cute I display the game on a shelf when it's not in use. 

What you'll need-
Desired amount of matching pairs of images (I just printed out the sheet of medallions twice)
Scrapbooking paper
2 cereals boxes or other scrap cardboard
spray adhesive
brayer or rolling pin (optional)
Dollar store wooden display case
Spray paint
Hot glue gun
Paper cutter and scissors

Cut some cardboard the side of your image sheet and apply spray adhesive according to your brand's directions.  Mine said to spray both surfaces.  Glue the image sheet to the cardboard and smooth with brayer or rolling pin.  Flip it over to the other side of the cardboard and repeat with decorative paper on back side.  So now you have a cardboard sandwich.  Make sure the paper you use on the backside has a solid or repeating patter that doesn't give away what pieces match.  Polka dots work really great for this.  Repeat with your second sheet if your first one didn't have matching images.

Use your paper cutter to score lines making your images into square pieces.  Your cardboard sandwich will be to thick for your paper cutter to trim all the way through so I used it to create straight lines for myself then used a scissors to cut all the way through.  You now have a big pile of game pieces.  

I spray painted my dollar store display with white spray paint.  It had these hangers on the back that I thought added a cute element but I couldn't use them on the back so I took them out and moved them to one side so they hung over the top.  The box is made out of soft pine so I had no trouble just screwing it in by hand.

Now to make our cover.  Take a piece of card board and trace your box so that you have a cardboard piece the same size.  Cut another strip about half inch wide by the same length as your cover piece.  With your spray adhesive again, sandwich these pieces in between decorative paper.   Leave a small gap (as shown) between the to pieces of cardboard as you glue them down to allow for your lid to bend.  Trim the paper down to size and bend the small flap back and forth a few times to break it in.

Using the hot glue, glue the small flap to the side of your box opposite the side you moved the little metal hangers to.  Take a length of ribbon and wrap it around the box once adding a few inches to each end to tie a bow, hot glue the ribbon on to the cover and box starting and ending at your metal hangers.  Now you can tie your case shut so your pieces don't fall out. 
Now that you've been busy playing match with one kid, go figure out what the other two have been up to, it's awfully quiet out there.....
How do they cram so many Kleenexes into such a small box anyway?


  1. Great idea! I've always wondered that about tissue boxes too.....that has happend several times here ;-)

  2. that turned out great and sorry about the kleenex that is so annoying and it always seems they get the new box!!

  3. Forgot to mention, you could personalize the outside of the case by writing so and so's memory game. Use stickers, die cut letters, stencil with markers, whatever it's paper!

  4. Great memory box! Been there done that with the Kleenex X's 3 kids. It must be some sort of rite of passage.

  5. Very cute project!
    The picture of the tissues every where made ma laugh out loud!

  6. Ah. You ladies are looking at the Kleenex box from the wrong angle! Every year for Christmas and Birthday each toddler of the appropriate age group in our family receive a beautifully wrapped box of Kleenex to destroy and enjoy! Cheapest *and most enjoyable* gift a gramma can give! (That box of Kleenex is followed up with a grand Surprise Ball so that the unwrapping fun may continue! - and yes, I am the cheapest Gramma on earth.)

    Another handy hint: After all gifts have been opened sit said toddle or babe in the middle of the wrappings for a photo shoot. You'll be glad you did! Fabulous!

  7. This is so creative, Taylor! I love the whole idea.

    Your little cutie with the tissue box is adorable! Based on the way we use kleenex around here, those tissues will be used up in no time, so no harm done!

  8. This is so cute! And she is adorable!

  9. S'mee,
    You are too funny! What a great idea to just let them go at it.

    We now have all the kleenex that was in the box in a walmart bag hanging on a hook in the kitchen, they were the nice lotion extra soft ones, couldn't bring myself to let them go to waste!

  10. Hey - it gets better - my boy is now 9 and has discovered how much fun wet toilet tissue is!!! He has used it to stick to the wall in the bathroom in the shape of his name (I thought that was quite cool!!!) - but has now discovered that it sticks to the bathroom ceiling if you throw it hard enough and its wet enough!!! Of course, some of it only sticks for a little while so its a bit scary sitting in our bathroom - you never know what will fall on you!!!

  11. Great idea. I also made a match game for my chiquita when she was, well... chiquita.
    And it is SO true about those quiet moments! I have pictures of mine completely covered in stickers, playing with dirt or with, of course, the tissue box. At least she wouldn't get into my makeup!

    Something that worked for me was to place bandanas and fabric scraps about the same size as the tissue in the tissue box. That became HER special box and she could pull and stuff to her heart's content. The moist-tissue box with lid worked best.

    When she was older, she had another box with different shapes and matching cards. She looked at the card, and just by touch had to find the shape/object.

    Aren't cheap, homemade toys the best?!?!

  12. Oh I picked one of these dollar store boxes up too! I was going to make mine into a tic tac toe board. Cute idea though. I wish the store would have had more than one of these, I would have bought them all :)

  13. Great job! I feel your pain on the Kleenex, too!

  14. What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing! Ah...kleenex!

  15. this is great! I used the same box in a different way! you should check it out! and oddly my friend Katrina also used it, and made a game with it! (I link to her in my post)