Boys "Mom" Tattoo shirt

Okay I promised the boys version to go along with the girl's tattoo hair clip so here it is.  This one's easy peasy and much less involved than the girls clip,  I promise. 
I rummaged through H's drawers to find a plain shirt and found this cute polo which I hadn't been paying attention to because it's winter and we live in Wisconsin and it had short sleeves (H's big bro was born in summer and H was born in winter, not so great for hand me downs! But mommy adapts). He also had a very cute (but very Christmas) onesie and since there is ZERO chance of having any more kids, don't you think I have enough?, to save hand me downs for  I have no problem taking a scissors to anything. 
So I cut the sleeves and a small section between the leg holes and the tree off the onesie and added them to the polo  for sleeves and length (the polo was a bit short for H).
I also have a pile of adult t-shirts in various colors that I grabbed a white and a red one from and cut a small section for the tattoo decal.  Using the template from the girls clip, I cut out two hearts and one of each banner piece. 
the arrow on the white piece shows that direction the little lines you can see in your shirt are running (the grain).  This is important for jersey as it's so stretchy, I didn't want my pieces to stretch up so I have the grain running vertically.  Doesn't matter for the heart, mine was at an angle.
I hate pinning, which is why I end up sewing a lot of crooked projects LOL.  To avoid pinning and crookedness I grabbed my fabric tac glue and put a dot where I wanted my decal, lay one heart on the dot, put another dot on, put the second heart right on top of the first.  I used two layers for depth.  Take it to your sewing machine and tack it down around the edges (I used black thread as tattoos are outlined in black).

Put your sewing machine away, we're done with it.  Tack your banner pieces down with fabric tac.

Put a small glob of your fabric paint on a scarp piece, using a small paintbrush practice your letters on your scarp jersey to get a feel of how it applies.  I used black tulip puffy paint, if you apply it with a brush it isn't puffy and holds up in the wash beautifully.

Now pray you don't mess it up and go for it.

I did simple letters first then went back in to add the tattoo shadow font effect they always use. (If you do mess up a letter don't fret, just paint the banner black and maybe leave a white edge, it'll still be cute!)  Let dry, insert boy.  


  1. SO CUTE! I wish I could buy this! I'm not crafty enough to make it.

  2. I like that you thought to use a Christmas L/S shirt. A great way to get more use out of a seasonal piece of clothes.....cool beans!

  3. Very cute! Putting it on the sleeve of a shirt (like on the upper portion of the arm where a real tattoo would go) would be cute, too.

  4. Ummm yeah...thank you for adding another item on my "to make" list. The Girl is first with that fantastic clip, and The Boy will be next. I'm sure by the time I get around to making anything it will be perfect timing for Valentine's Day.

    P.S. Your comment made me LOL.
    P.P.S. Thank you for following me.

  5. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I do write likie I am talking out loud, how funny you point that out. Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to check little "ol" me out. I am enjoying this.

  6. Super cute! Love all the craftiness.

  7. Both tatoo ideas are super fun and cute!!!

  8. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! You have so many awesome, creative ideas! As a new mom, I thought this Mom tattoo shirt was so cute and just had to make one. If you'd like to check it out, here it is: http://twinmommas.blogspot.com/2010/04/can-can-skirt-mom-tattoo-shirt.html
    (Oh, and I'll soon be posting my version of your Butterfly wreath too!)
    Thanks! :)