Bookworm Wreath

When I saw this wreath on Living with Lindsay I gasped out loud. 

It was absolutely love at first sight.  Can you believe the project only costs $2! Unless you already have some books your willing to tear apart like I did, then it's a wopping $1 and a bunch of glue sticks.

A few things I learned while making it-
  • My books were about 150 pages each and it took me THREE of them! Compared to the one book she used.
  • A smutty novel like the one she used was probably a better size, mine weren't much larger but I think the smaller pages, and the texture of those pages, would have worked better.  My pages were a bit stiff as they were from hard cover books.
  • I'm impatient so instead of painting the edges like she does, I grabbed a brown marker, even a crayola will work, and colored the edges.  No mess, no clean up, no waiting!
  • Make less cones and more random crumples.  This is not a project to be a control freak about.
So here is mine

I have a few more projects that will work great with this wreath.... stay tuned!


  1. Ahh, I am liking this one...I can see it one other way....with sprinkles of random glitter in bronze or black frosted here and there. Or done in sheet music. Or hanging from a huge stain ribbon tied in a bow.
    Good Job! Very nice twist and good tips.

  2. oooh, sheet music would be really neat! I did almost hang it from a big satin bow, but my ribbon just wasn't wide enough for the size of my wreath. A big black bow would be beautiful. And what isn't better with glitter LOL. Glittered edges would be pretty.

  3. wow!! what a statement piece this would make! amazing idea, and beautifully executed!

  4. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i saw that wreath too! i sooo wanted to give it a try! been waiting until i head to half price books for a book to use! great job!

  5. I love this! I will have to try it someday soon...

  6. I love it! you are very creative.