Sweet Bird and Branch Mobile

When I found out that one of my twins was a girl I couldn't wait to make all the cute girly things I had been bookmarking on the internet.  One of which was this adorable Branch with birds mobile from Martha Stewart of course.  Here's Martha's

And here's mine!


A couple things I did to save money, as although I have Martha's talent (insert giggle) I do not have her bank account!

1. Armature wire is expensive, it's in the paint and drawing supplies at your local Michaels craft store if your not familiar with it as we all know the employees there will have no clue what your talking about, seriously do those people actually do crafts?  Maybe your Michaels has higher standards, but I'm getting off topic.  Instead of armature wire I went over to the floral department and found a cheap package of brown paper (like paper bag paper) wrapped wire sticks.  They came like 6 in a package.  I started this mobile a year ago so I'm sorry I don't have the exact name or package of the product anymore.  Anything with a decent thickness to it that's bendable will work, even pipe cleaners!  Your going to cover it all with brown floral tape anyway so it really doesn't matter.

2. I used white card stock for the birds rather than the pink, because that's what I had on hand.

3. Use regular glue rather than hot glue.  No hot glue isn't expensive, but for the tiny amount you need I found white glue to work just fine and you don't waste all the glue that runs out over you paper that the hot glue gun oozes in between uses.  

So why did it take me over a year to complete this project?  Because I'm a perfectionist and I kept feeling like I didn't have enough flowers on it or my floral tape wasn't perfect.  So I put it up on a shelf and there it sat.  Until I decided it was time to clean off that shelf and when I pulled it down it looked nearly complete!  I hung the birds, which were already assembled and waiting, put the last couple flowers on and it was good to go!  So don't worry if you feel yours isn't perfect at first, my floral tape skills leave something to be desired, once you hang it up it will look perfect!

You can make yours any size, but in case your wondering mine is about 2 and a half feet wide and the lowest bird hangs about 15 inches down.


  1. I love your bird mobile. It really looks sweet and perfect!

  2. This is very sweet and I love the fact that you explored various other thriftier options before making it! I made a bird mobile as well, though I didn't worry about the armature wire or brown paper thing. I collected some branches and painted them in copper paint. Drop by my blog some time, and tell me what you think of it!

  3. Oh my...I love this. I am bookmarking it!

  4. i love this. so pretty..

  5. Why not use a real twig?