Pint Size Gift Bag in a Snap

When I found the tutorial for making a gift bag from all my mismatched envelopes I have to admit, I didn't think they would turn out as cute as How about Orange's.... but they did!  Now I fear I may be addicted!!!

The best part, the options are endless.  I have a ton of those decorative scissors we all got when scarpbooking was really hot (I happen to pick up a set of 20 at a garage sale).  I'm going to have to dig them out now, but even if you don't have any a simple pinking shear or free hand cut is just as cute.  I'm also going to try my lace edge paper punch from the Martha Stewart collection, that would be great for valentines day! 

So for mine.... I downloaded this free pdf of the library card.  There are four to a page so you will need to open your editing software to crop it down to one.  

I am a big print shop user  so I opened print shop and a blank envelope worksheet (choose a template close to your envelope size).  Then I imported the single library card and printed it right on my envelope, before I did anything else.

Follow the directions from How about Orange  , stick in some bookplates from Taylored Arts and you have the perfect gift for your favorite bookworm.  You could even fill in the library card by hand with your to and from information, get creative!


  1. You are the Queen of Tutorials! I was looking at those lace-edged paper punches too. Almost bought one. This is a great gift bag idea!

    I will be posting your tutorial this morning, but wanted to do the award post first so as not to over shadow the tutorial post!

    One more thing: I left an award on my blog for you! Stop by when you get a chance!

  2. You have inspired me. I just quickly tried it with an envelope I had near me and it works so well! I love it. It would be great for baby shower favors and such. Lovely!