Inspiration board? How about inspiration WALL!

I have a big wall behind my desk that I had a dry erase board and a magnet board on, we all do right?  Well after nearly a year I found that I had used the dry erase board maybe three times, and the things on my magnet board were less than inspiring.  So after taking them down and staring at a blank wall I came up with this.

It's still a work in progress as far as filling it up, the green ended up looking a bit football field to me.  But that's just all the more motivation to get some inspiring pictures and fill it up!  Want to make one?  OOOHHH, it's my very first tutorial, well a mini tutorial.

What you'll need:
Large piece of fabric, mine was three yards of standart quilting cotton
A staple gun

Once you have your wall cleared make sure your fabric fits.  Staple fabric directly onto wall pulling tight so you don't have any wrinkles.

I knew I wanted my calendar to hang where it is so if you have something you want to work around now is the time to hang it.  I already had a nail in the wall for the calendar so I used a scissors to make a tiny hole in the fabric and poked the nail through.

Decide how far apart you want your ribbons.  I knew I was hanging both full sheets of paper and small snips so I varied my distance between rows.  You can either plan ahead or just jump in like I did.  Fold the end of your ribbon over and staple where you want it to start.

  Staple each end then tack a staple ever three feet or so so that the ribbon stays taught when you clip things to it.

Once you have all your ribbons on your ready to start clipping to it!  I had some cute little silver bulldog clips that I used for all my images, you could also use clothes hangers or even paper clips.

  I also decided I needed to keep track of a pen by the calendar so I took some extra ribbon and stapled one end, held the pen up under it and stapled the other side.  It's not beautiful, but it's functional!  I suppose you could hot glue a big flower or something to the front to hide it. if you like.


  1. This is a great idea! I was thinking about hanging a large cork board above my craft table to hang fabric samples, papers, ideas, etc., I think this works much better and allows me to fill a larger area, and it's something that can be changed out if I want.
    Thank you!
    Andrea :)

  2. I've never thought about putting items like those in a binder, but what a great idea! I get so many ideas for our family running through my head, but I can never remember them when I want to. I think I will create a binder -- I might become an addict too!
    Thank you
    Andrea :)

  3. Great idea. I should really do something like this so that I can clean up the clutter of sticky notes all over my house. ;)