Flower Tutorial- Roses or Peonys

Depending on the color you use these flowers look like either a big open rose or a peony.  Want one, or a hundred!  Well let's get started.

Materials needed-
Ten or so petals, learn how to make the petals here.
Needle and thread
That's it!

Step 1- Lay out your petals large to small.  I used ten petals in this flower.

Step 2- Lay your two largest petals on top of each other.  This will be the size of your overall flower so you can use that as a guide.  Take a third petal and fold it in half.  Stack on one side of the baste petals and run a needle and thread through all layers from the bottom to top and back down again.

Step 3- Repeat the folded petal portion of step 2 on the opposite side.

Step 4- With your needle and thread still attached, turn your flower over and pinch the base where your thread is coming out.

Step 5- Run a couple stitches through the pinched section to give the flower some body.

Step 6- Fluff the flower out a bit and look for the bare spots.  Tuck full petals in these spots and tack down with a stitch or two.

Step 7- When you only have one petal left, fold the flower in half and in half again until it looks like triangle.  Find the center of your flower from the top, tuck the triangle petal in the center and tack down.  Knot and cut your thread from the bottom.

Step 8-  Fluff!

Attach a barrette, alligator clip, pin, whatever suits your fancy. Enjoy!

I like to put them on these super easy headbands.


  1. I love fabric flowers, and love this one as well! Awesome blog, you do have here!

  2. saw you over on the tutorials blog, great set, thank you for sharing!

  3. Well, wow you are a genius thank you!!!

  4. Would be great to have an afternoon 'craft party' and make these with friends. Thanks for showing us how!

  5. I can’t tell you how much I adore this! Thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial!! I featured this tutorial today on my blog with a roundup of flower tutorials. Here is the link:


    Thank you so much for inspiring me. Have a wonderful day!


  6. It's very nice! You are amazing!