Flower Tutorial- The Poppy

I love poppies.  They are so popular lately too.  So how can you join in on the fun?  I'll show you.

Materials needed:
First you will need to make a few petals, find out how here.  Which makes this tutorial Part 2
Needle and thread, or fabric glue
Beads, sparkly what nots, buttons, anything small and pretty
Optional- Bobby pin, hair comb, barrette, alligator clip, broach pin, what ever you want to use to attach the flower to your item or hair.  

Here we go!

Step 1- Divide your petals into piles by size.

Step 2- For a small poppy, stack three to five petals on top of each other by size.  I tend to use the same size for the bottom two petals to puff it up a bit.  Once you like the look take your needle and thread and run through all the layers a couple times.  If you don't want to sew, or if your doing thing with kids to small to use a needle, you can use a dot of fabric glue between each layer to assemble rather than sewing.

Step 3- Place what ever you are putting in the center of your flower and sew through all layers and your center piece a few times until you feel it's secure.  If your center doesn't have a hole you can use some glue to secure it after your finished with step 4.

Step 4- This step is optional depending on what your using your poppy for.  I chose to make this one for my hair.  I could have sewn on a bobby pin but I decided to try some new alligator clips I got.  Glue or sew your clip, comb, or pin to the back of your flower.

The more petals you stack up the fuller your poppy will be.


  1. What a fun and cute idea!

  2. This is seriously fun! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. Oh my gosh I love these! I just found some hot pink poly in the remnants bin and was wondering what to do with it...

    I'm going to make some of these and then put them on my blog!


  4. Great tute! I just got done making some broaches after reading this. I used vintage earrings for the center part and I love them! Thanks again!

  5. I made a brown flower for my new bracelet and it's awesome! It was so easy! Here is the link to my blog post about it :-)


  6. Oooo, I have been wondering how these were made, awesome tutorial! I am definitely going to try some out! Thanks!

  7. I love this! I'm actually planning on making some jewelery inspired by Stella & Dot, where they attach big flowers like this to the side of a long necklace...what perfect timing to come across this post!

  8. I'm using these to make my bridal bouquet! Thanks for the great and descriptive tutorial!

  9. Thanks for the info. I got into making ribbon roses, but got tired of the sewing part. This will be a perfect way to start new! I like using them on presents I wrap as part of the ribbon.

  10. Your buttons are adorable!

  11. Oh, I am sooo making a few of these this afternoon. What a wonderful technique to use on a "bling" ring, barrettes, even a soft look for a bracelet.

    Thanks for sharing and I'm off to see what I have in my scrap pile!