Addicting Headbands

One of my absolute favorite blogs is Ruffles and stuff. Yesterday she posted a tutorial on making headbands with ribbon and a hair tie, both things I have a LOT of lying around. I needed a quick, creative, mindless project so I set about getting right to work. The funny thing is some of the ribbon that I thought I would never use (see the black and white ribbon in photo) because it's ugly as ribbon made the best headbands! Once I had a few for myself I couldn't resist making some for the little one (photos to come of hers, she's napping!). I must warn you though, these buggers are addicting! She posted the tutorial as a guest post on another blog so you can find it here.

*** If you want to see the tutorial on making the flower seen in the bottom photo, you can find it here****


  1. Ack!! These are so gorgeous! I love the big bow and flower, it makes such an impact! Too, too cute!